Friday Five

Friday Five

Holy sh!t balls, this week has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster. I can’t even say I made it through because it’s only Friday morning and I could still crack at any moment lol. Regardless – cheers to the freaking weekend and the many bottles of wine that are home waiting for me!

// Last week I received a PR package with Mary Kay’s 2017-2018 Winter collection and my jaw hit the floor as soon as I opened it – SO many lipsticks! I tried to do an “unboxing” on Instagram and oh my gosh – how do people regularly do that? I was beyond nervous, despite it literally being just me in the house and kept messing up what I wanted to say which ended in me recording each story like 5 times. Ever hear someone say “I really adored this blogger until she opened her mouth” – 99% sure that’s what people are now thinking of me lol.

// My girlfriend and I hit up Second Cup earlier this week because it was one of those days where a latte for lunch was required. I often go back and forth between SC and Starbucks but I truly love them both. I am ALL OVER christmas drinks coming out and tried their new salted butterscotch white mocca, oh my gosh it was amazing! I always get my lattes non fat and half sweet but still opted to get whip on this!

// Are you attending a Remembrance Day service tomorrow? I am already getting choked up just thinking about it – so many emotions! Everyone is quick to get excited about a long weekend it seems – I hope they all take a moment to reflect on why there is one as well.

// I woke up this morning to all kinds of sale emails – wahoo! Sephora has extended their 20% off sale (20FORROUGE) and we can show shop the discount through 11/15! Be sure to check out a few items that are in my cart along with this years value sets that I’m LOVING. I really need to get started on my Christmas shopping so I took this afternoon off to hopefully get started even though I still have NO idea what to get anyone!

// Speaking of sales, Bath and Body Works Wallflowers are $2.95 today! This sounds douchey but I take pride in my house smelling good – is that a sassy thing to say? I remember we were not in our home for a few weeks when B’s friends stopped by and the first thing they said was “OMG – it smells amazing in here!”. I’m constantly burning candles and while  they are lit they leave the house smelling amazing but I don’t want to burn candles 20/4 so I rely on wallflowers. You can get some really cute plugs but I tend to stick to the plain white ones since I leave mine plugged in all the time and don’t want them too noticeable.  I straight up REFUSE to pay full price for them though so I always stock up when they are on sale. I believe today’s discount is an email exclusive which is silly but I plan to go there this afternoon and stock up!

Have a great weekend!

Until next time,


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  • I’m with you on the house smelling good, always making it extra yummy with candles and oils in here 🙂

  • I need to hit up Bath & Body Works while their candles are still on sale! And I’m loving all of those Mary Kay lipsticks! So gorgeous! Enjoy your wine, girlfriend.