Welcome, friends! I’m Kerri, the owner and editor of Hey Kerri Blog. I have a passion for bright lipstick, a great skinny vanilla latte and living life to the fullest. Residing in Enfield, Nova Scotia – during the day you can find me working behind multiple computer screens in finance, trying to convince my manager leggings fall under business casual. On the weekends I can be found shopping away, sipping a nice wine (unfortunately, not at the same time) or dragging my boyfriend on some kind of adventure. I rarely watch television so you’ll never hear me talk about the Bachelor and I love a good book.

Never will I pass up a piece of chocolate and if I ever do, please check my temperature. I hoard lip balm like it’s going out of style and have a minor meltdown if I’m forced to go a few hours without applying hand cream. I love testing out new beauty products and posting a review to give you my honest thoughts. Hey, why should you spend your hard earned money on a product when I can warn you beforehand that it’s absolute crap?!

My main goal for HKB is for it to become a place to visit for joy, humor and let’s face it  – a lot of sass. When I sit down to write a blog post, my mindset is that I want you to be reading it as if we were having a face to face conversation. From my writing, I want you to feel like we know each other, like if we ever crossed paths at the mall we could chat about our current favorite lipstick with ease. I’m very picky about the content that is published on Hey Kerri Blog and will never write anything that I don’t fully believe in. With that being said though, this blog is my hobby – you will never see me share too much detail about my friends, family or career, and I truly thank you for understanding that.

  • Now I want martinis and nachos, thanks lol 🙂

    • No problem! I'll take some as well 🙂

  • As a self proclaimed nail polish junky–if you hate waiting for your nails to dry (like me!) grab a bottle of Seche Vite! I promise you it's worth every penny. I can paint my nails then wash dishes 5 minutes later and not get any of those annoying smudges or dents!! I promise it'll change your life! Okay, enough about that. I, too, love me some cheesecake, a bottle of wine and a good inappropriate joke! Nice to "meet" you! Excited to follow along girl!

    • Ohhh, I definitely need to check out Seche Vite!

  • I love your About page! So personalized and so much personality! Very cute!
    The Accidental Mama

  • Hey, I'm paying you a visit from our blog tribe on fb :)!! I like your blog. I'm also a Canadian Girl :). Which part are you from? I'm a Montrealer :). I love your let's talk/not talk post!! Really neat idea :). Take care. I'll see you in Bloglovin!

  • I found your blog today through Bloglovin. You had me at always running late and sarcasm.

    I think leggings are business casual, but the company I work for doesn't agree. Don't they know the dress code should match current fashion trends?

  • hey! i found your blog and even though I'm a new blogger I'd love to link up! feel free to contact me 🙂