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5 Treats to Make this Christmas

5 Things, Christmas, Recipe

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe Christmas is only a few days away? I’m hoping you didn’t get fooled by the title of this post and came here hoping to get 5 original HKB recipes 😉 I love baking but in the past have stuck to the same few recipes. Over the last year, I tried to branch out and make “harder” things that were outside of my comfort zone. Last week I finally had the balls to make some fudge…

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Holiday Gift Guide: Local

Christmas, Holiday

How is it almost December already? Not only does that bring on colder weather, blanket scarfs, Christmas movies with hot cocoa … it also brings on the panic of what to get that certain someone on your shopping list. This year, I decided to not only get a head start on my own Christmas shopping but to offer also a few gift guides for those late blooming shoppers like myself that may be stuck on what to get that certain…

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NO BAKE Oreo Balls


I would really like to know where this sudden urge is coming from to start doing some diy projects and baking because it’s totally not like me and completely throwing me off my game. Regardless of how I got here, today I’m sharing with you all one of the e.a.s.i.e.s.t recipes you can whip up in under 45 minutes. You see, tomorrow is my last day in the office until the freaking new year and that has me in one…

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Holiday Style Guide: Christmas Eve


Happy Thursday! In no way shape or form am I a fashion blogger but today I wanted to share with you the entire outfit I plan to wear on Christmas Eve. Why Christmas Eve you ask? Christmas Eve has always been the day evening and night I should say, that my family and I do our visiting so I always try to look extra nice and festive. Our activities usually include heading to evening mass, visiting family and friends to exchange gifts, looking at…

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2014 Gift Guide: Local Love


I love shopping local and I try to do so for just about as much as possible, this could be from fresh produce to small businesses throughout the city. When I moved to Halifax two years ago, I honestly had no idea that there were so many great vendors throughout the city! Don’t get me wrong, I love to online shop just as much as the next gal but I think it’s has gone way too far. I solely shop online for…

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