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Hey there!

Long time no blogging huh. When us bloggers take a short hiatus, unexpected or not – it seems we always feel the need to come back with an excuse as to where we have been when really it’s like … I’ve been busy working, relaxing at home and trying to soak up every last bit of summer. With that being said, we recently took a few vacation days after an already long weekend and it was great.

Heading to Wolfville is a fun day trip that we never see to get tired of. It’s roughly an hourish drive and is filled with many coffee shops, wineries, restaurants and so much more to experience.


Our first stop was Just Us! Coffee. I’ve been to the valley a bunch of times but have never made the stop to Just us!. The left half of the building is their cafe and gift shop while the right side is a mini museum showcasing where their coffee beans come from along with the packaging warehouse. It was very eye opening to see all of the detailed information drilled down of exactly how they process their coffee and whose hands it’s touched (not many!).

We spent a few minutes trying to decide what coffee to take home with us and went for one of the lightest roast. I want to say this bag was roughly $12, an excellent price point for the quality you are getting. Knowing it was lunchtime and we would be getting something to eat as soon as we left, I didn’t grab a coffee to go but instead stopped in on the way back which was a good thing because I was a teensy bit tipsy and needed something to snap me out of it as we were hitting the mall on our way home. I opted for a latte but couldn’t decide on toffee nut crunch or coconut but after hearing the barista give the coconut so much praise – I knew I had to try it. Oh my goodness, it was one of no, I was the best latte on my life. Pretty sure B was afraid to take a sip because I was so passionate about it LOL


This vineyard has been on my list for a months now as I’ve heard nothing but great buzz. Located right on the Evangeline Trail, Lightfoot & Wolfville is the perfect stop for your valley adventure. The rustic inside makes it feel like you are stepping into a dream and I love that the labels of their wines fits perfectly with the aesthetic of their winery. They have a few tasting options to choose from, we went for the “Kitchen Part” which was 4 of their wines that included a red, white, rose and sparkling. I wasn’t a fan of the sparkling wine as I found it a bit too “bubbly” but the Fauna (red) was so delicious I took a bottle home.

Your tasting is also free if you purchase $50+ in wine, very easily done if you ask me because most of them are delicious!

The inside is an absolute dream, the atmosphere is relaxing yet social. We were there early on a Saturday afternoon and it was pretty busy! We were lucky to snag a spot at the tasting bar and made some friends along the way. Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend much time outside because it was quite windy but I can’t wait to go back and have lunch under their tented restaurant.


I’ve been to Luckett Vineyards quite a few times now and it never gets old. I love browsing their gift shop and strolling through the many lanes of grape trees, their garden is also beautiful is all. As mentioned previously and what seems to happen every time I’m at this winery, the wind ended up picking up so it was pretty chilly and we didn’t feel like sitting outside. Luckett’s wine tastings offer a little more bang for your buck. If my memory is correct, you can sample their 3 house wines of that day for $6 or try any 6 of your choice for $10 – can you guess which one we went for?

I’m kicking myself in the butt for not trying one of their ice wines. I didn’t think it would be an option since it’s so expensive but the couple next to us ordered it right as we were leaving!

I mean really you guys, what better way to start off a mini vacation than visiting some of your favorite local wineries?

♡  ♡  ♡  ♡  ♡

What is your favorite wine?

Until next time,

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