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Happpppppy Wednesday! I originally wanted to get this post up on Friday but I had about 7 meetings last week and time completely escaped me. I then planned to post it on Monday but more meetings passed up and that turned into Tuesday and here we are on Wednesday! Whew.

—> I finalllllllllllllllly have a Nespresso! I know I sound like the biggest asshole because there is already a brand new Keurig sitting on our counter along with a coffee pot but I’ve been wanting one forever. Bill wouldn’t let me get it before we moved into the house and I always said it was going to be my house warming gift but that never happened. ANYWAYS long story short, he surprised me with one last week! I now have a gorgeous Pixie bundle sitting pretty on my counter. I’m absolutely obsessed and love it way more than any other appliance in our kitchen – I’m looking at you crockpot. It’s also funny because B now fancies himself a vanilla latte too which I find hilarious. I love that the machine came with a variety pack of Nespresso capsules (I mean at the price the machines sold for, it should come with two!) but I’ve already used up more than half of it 🙁 I picked up a pack of PC compatible pods along with a random brand I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond but I’m definitely going to be ordering Nespresso ones this weekend after I narrow down the flavors.

—> Speaking of coffee. I have been on the hunt to find the perfect glass mugs for a while now. After not finding exactly what I was looking for, I was about to give up and order them from Linen Chest but we ventured to Ikea Friday night and I found the IKEA 365+ Mug. It was the perfect size and surprisingly not heavy at all. We also grabbed the 365+ Cork Coasters that pair perfectly with the mugs.

—> I haven’t touched any of my lipsticks in our two weeks, can you believe that? Instead, I have been living for my Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon. My HR manager has sworn by Fig for the longest time and I finally decided to pick one up. I find Burt’s Bees products a hit and miss, I despise their regular lip balm but absolutely love their new lipsticks. I love that the lip shimmers offer a slight, well shimmer, but the product isn’t gritty on your lips.

—> Our house number grew – by four furry legs!! B and I have been talking for quite sometime now about getting a dog but with our busy schedules not allowing us to dedicate the time a puppy would require – we held off. Here’s the thing though, I already have a yorkie-poo who was living at my parents because my last apartment didn’t allow animals. He is the perfect dog, just a little angel. I actually clued in the other day that he is 6 years old and started to bawl my eyes out because he is getting older. Long story short, I asked how my parents would feel if I brought him back with me and they would obviously miss him but we agreed to do a trial run. B was all for it as well as he’s seen Charlie a few times from visiting my parents and knew what a great dog he was. I’m happy to say that we are all loving it! He adjusted to the house and his new surroundings very quickly and loves Bill. It’s funny because his only “rule” was that Charlie wasn’t allowed to sleep in the bed – that was fine by me BUT it only lasted one freaking night before he was all like “you need to go get him so he can sleep in here with us” LOL. They are now great buddies and literally do everything together, it’s previously hilarious.

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Happy Hump-Day!

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