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OH Amazon. Why do I have such a love/hate relationship with you? While I still think Amazon.ca completely sucks compared to Amazon.com – I am still trying to venture out and use it more since we now have Prime.

Funny story on my prime situation. About a week or so ago, B texted me asking if I was Christmas shopping with his Visa as there was a $90 Amazon charge showing on this statement. Totally something I would do but I also didn’t recall buying anything. We are starting to use Amazon more in the office for supply purchases so we are constantly looking things up and talking about it. My girlfriend was saying how she is trying to convince her husband to let her get a Prime membership and then all of a sudden a lightbulb went off in my head when I realized how much the membership was, roughly $90 with tax. My first thought was B wouldn’t even know what prime is let alone buy it but I decided to check his account just to be sure. Yup! The charge was for the upcoming year for his Prime membership.

I messaged him in a panic like “Don’t you dare call the bank to have that charge reversed! You somehow signed up for Amazon Prime and we are KEEPING it!”. He hasn’t bought anything off Amazon lately and swears he doesn’t remember that charge going through last year so we really have no idea how he got signed up for it BUT regardless I now have a Prime membership to take full advantage of! I was a bit disappointed though when I realized that Prime isn’t available on every item but the free 2 day shipping makes up for having to spend a little extra time researching your products.


The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton:

Woah flash back, rights? I originally read The Outsiders back in Jr High and I remember it being the first novel that made my cry while reading it and really started my love for books in general. Do you hold onto books after you’ve finished them? I use to but have started donating most after I read. I will keep books that I really loved and plan to re-read but for the most part, my “girly” books are given away after one read. This is definitely a book that I will cherish for a while and read multiple times.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses:

I remember seeing blue light blocking glasses featured on The Skinny Confidential but completely forgot about them until Holly starting talking about how great they were on Instastories. I’ve heard that it’s common for optometrists to recommend these glasses if you spend multiple hours daily in front of a computer screen. I spend at least 8 hours in front of a laptop M-F for my job. Add a few more hours during the week writing blog posts, responding to comments and reading blogs along with constantly staring at an iPhone answering emails and checking in on social media – do you get where I’m going here? Although I’m not 100% convinced these will live up to the hype, I really want to test them out for myself.

iPhone Tripod:

This has been sitting in my cart for far too long now that I pretty much have myself convinced I don’t need it when it’s probably my most required item on this list. I can’t justify spending up towards $100 for a tripod right now solely for my iPhone since I don’t have a DSLR but there are times when I’m shooting for a blog post and get frusturated with trying to jungle my phone on a stack of books and running to beat the self timer. This set not only comes with the tripod but also includes a cellphone kit and remote shutter.

Odds & Ends:

Since I wear my Fitbit every single freaking day, I am constantly going through straps. I’ve tried metal bands in the past but much prefer rubber so I think I’m going to grab this one in hot pink next. I’m also on a mission to try multiple brands that sell Nespresso compatible capsules and have my eye on the Island pack by Rosso Caffe – I have high hopes for the coconut!

♡  ♡  ♡  ♡  ♡

What’s on your Amazon wishlist?

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  • I love Amazon posts! Prime is the best purchase ever. We order a few things a week, I swear! Checking out those glasses now. I spend all day on the computer, too!

  • I wear those blue light blocking glasses (bought mine on Amazon too) and they really do help. I have “regular” glasses for my prescription & near-sightedness, which means I don’t need them at a computer. But the glare gives me headaches & makes my eyes feel strained — so these are great!